What are trusted service providers?

10 Apr 2017

trusted service providers

With the advent of a European single digital market, the role of electronic signatures, as well as other documents and related services, achieve a major role in providing legal security to transactions. (more…)

MOMENTuM, a multibiometric draft for security on mobile devices.

31 Mar 2017


From Viavansi, we are very pleased to announce that it is a year since we started our participation in MOMENTuM, a multibiometric project  for security on mobile devices that is being developed in collaboration with other leading companies in the sector. (more…)

Electronic Administration, key factor for Smart City

28 Mar 2017

Administración Electrónica

Electronic Administration is a fundamental aspect for the correct development of the Smart City. Thus, regardless of the different criteria on which its design and operation are based, the city must be built according to the concerns of the inhabitants in very different areas, always from a participatory and sustainable approach. (more…)

E-Invoice, taxes and the Tax Office: What is SII?

24 Mar 2017


The new Spanish Electronic Invoicing Law is already two years old. From viafirma we have been telling you all the news that have been emerging regarding the compulsory use. Today we want to talk about a new regulation that has come into force in January 2017 and that will revolutionize technologies and the use of Electronic Signature and Invoice; The SII or the immediate Supply System of Information. (more…)

New Electronic Invoice Standard in Europe: Current Situation

13 Mar 2017

nuevo estandar europeo de factura electrónica

In previous articles we explained the keys to implement the electronic invoice, taking into account the current billing model, while we advance a second part to discuss the European standardization process. The time has come to address this important issue: the new electronic invoice standard in Europe.


The open data portal of the County Council of Cádiz, supported by OGoov, awarded best Open Government project in 2017 CNIS.

07 Mar 2017

Portal de Datos Abiertos de la Diputación de Cádiz


On February 24, during the CNIS 2017 Congressional awards ceremony, the Open Data portal of the Provincial Deputation of Cadiz, supported by OGoov – our Open Government solution – was recognized as the best project in the Government category Open: Transparency, Citizen Participation and Collaboration. We wanted to dedicate some lines to this award received by one of the clients of our platform.


Open Data Barometer: the revolution of open data

06 Mar 2017

open data barometer

It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of open data to improve present and future societies, as well as the value of initiatives that proliferate around the world to consolidate their standards in order to achieve high goals. We analyzed the Open Data Barometer (OBD) report in its third edition. (more…)

Transparency portals of the Catholic Church in Spain

21 Feb 2017

Transparencia Iglesia Católica

The Transparency Law does not only affect Public Administrations. There are also other “obligated subjects”. Today we analyze the websites of one of them: the Catholic Church


How to implement the electronic invoice in your business

13 Feb 2017

factura electrónica


Very recently the the law of electronic invoicing has been used for two years in Spain. That is why today we want to dedicate this post to explain how to implement the electronic invoice in a simple way.


Certification Authorities in Central America and Caribbean (Part I)

24 May 2016

certification authorities

The digital transformation is a trend that is booming in the governments of most countries and Latin America is no exception. Thanks to this trend, authentication mechanisms gain importance, and with it the electronic certificates and the entities responsible for issuing them, the Certification Authorities. Today we will talk about these Certification Authorities in Central America and the Caribbean. (more…)