Viafirma esign: Our new electronic signature free App for iOS users

09 Oct 2013

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After a while that, for some of you may have seemed eternal, finally we launched an app targeted at end users for the free of charge electronically sign of all their documents and images on iPad or iPhone. The speed of adoption of new technologies by households is a positive sign of the advance of digital society in our country, especially considering the economic context in which it occurred. All these data highlight the the real need to digitizing their everyday processes, regardless of traditional paper support, here is where viafirma bet on electronic signature as a catalyst for this need in saving time and paper for citizens. Some professionals in specific industries, spend much time in their daily routine in signing a big number of documents, storing this after signed and spending  therefore a lot of time and paper. Sectors such as law, notaries, HR consulting (contracts), administrative agencies or the emerging health sector (informed consent) are conducive to the need for legal guarantees of the electronically sign all the documents that they currently sign on paper. Unfortunately, not all companies have the resources to pay a powerful electronic signature software and neither legal, so that, the very small businesses (micro-SMEs) in these sectors still have a real need to optimize their company signature processes, although with a price according with their volume. With viafirma esign we try to cover this need of electronic signature giving it further, security, robustness and legal cover, something that has not existed in mobile applications competition so far. Our value proposition in this field is an application for mobile end users that allows viewing, creating and especially the signing of a document in PDF format. Viafirma esign proporciona diferentes opciones a la hora de firmar; firma digitalizada y firma electrónica, tanto avanzada como reconocida gracias al DNI electrónico y un lector de smartcards para móviles que actúa como dispositivo seguro de creación de firmas, necesario para que la firma obtenga la calificación de reconocida. Viafirma esign provides different options when signing; digitalized signature and electronic signature, both, advanced and recognized through the electronic ID card and a smartcard reader for mobile devices acting as a secure signature creation device, necessary for the signature to obtain the qualification of recognized in the Spanish law. An example of how we would sign the document with our digitalized signature would be:

So, the use of this app has benefits such as:

  • Improved productivity due to the ease of use of the signature and the time savings gained by signing documents at any time only with the iPhone or iPad.
  • Increased security respect to the current electronic signature clients for these devices, since none allows the sign with smartcards.
  • Ability to choose which type of signature perform depending on the resources available instrument (digital certificate, DNIe, reader …).

In this video, we show how to sign the app using our Spanish ID reader for iPhone:

For now, as launching offer, the app cost just 0€, though not always will stand like this, so I recommend you link to download the app as soon as possible, you have been warned 😉

Download app


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