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Todo lo que debes saber sobre Vaadin 8 y sus características

20 Abr 2017


Desde hace unas semanas tenemos disponible una nueva versión de Vaadin, el framework Java de desarrollo de aplicaciones web.En el post de hoy hemos decidido hacer una lista de los principales cambios que presenta Vaadin 8 respecto a la versión anterior. Te lo contamos. 


Developer Economics Report

16 Abr 2013

Take the new Developer Economics 10-minute survey and win prizes! www.visionmobile.com/DS13viafirma Be the first to get VisionMobile’s latest State of the Developer Nation report and enter a draw for great prizes:


Each of our respondents gets a free 1-month subscription of crash reporting for their apps (value of 19 USD). Just take the survey and Bugsense will be in touch to set up your prize.
We also have these prizes up for grabs:
1. One new iPhone 5
2. Two Samsung Galaxy SIII
3. Two Nokia Lumia 920
4. Two BlackBerry Alpha

We also have some exclusive prizes available for respondents who sign up to our developer panel. Just take the survey and make sure to sign up for the panel on the last page of the survey.
1. One AR Drone 2.0 (value USD 300)
2. One Nest Learning Thermostat (value USD 250)
3. One Nike Fuel Band (value USD 150)

Once the survey is completed (early May), we’ll hold a draw for these prizes and notify the winners – don’t forget to enter your email address!